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Love surprised me by sending me pictures of my girls in their play pen.
Men who love animals make me swoon. I told him I was worried the girls wouldn’t get attention and play time while I’m gone and I fixed it so a neighbor would come for play time occasionally.

He LIKES the bunnies but he’s not head over heels for them like I am. He thinks they’re cute.
He especially likes Willow (my black Lionhead) because she kept happy flopping.

Remy mostly stood up like a little ground hog.

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I wish there was some sort of blanket you could cover yourself with but it didn’t make you warm it just provided the sensation of being covered because some nights it’s just too hot for a blanket but I need something covering me so it’s a choice between boiling to death or being completely vulnerable to monsters

A blanket with a cooling feature would be splendid, too. One where you can set the perfect temperature for yourself.